NJ butcher cuts meat the old fashioned way at G&M


Hank Mariotti and his son Gary at G&M

Old school is always in session at G&M Market in Glendora, a South Jersey town not far from the Deptford Mall.  Master butcher and recantour Hank Mariotti just celebrated 55 years at the family-run bushess, an old fashioned butcher shop and deli that still makes homemade sausage and grinds and cuts meat to order. For customers with no time to cook, beef and pork is roasted fresh daily for sandwiches, and the hoagies and sandwiches are some of the best around.

As he approaches his 80th birthday, Mariotti, who co-owns the business with his son Gary, still works seven days a week.  It’s a work ethic he learned young.

Mariotti remembers going to the South Philly butcher with his mom as a kid, and being fascinated by the business of cutting meat. The shop owner noticed, and gave him a job for 25 cents a week sweeping up the store. He was nine.  That job turned into apprenticing at an Italian Market meat palace, working for $15 a week.  “I asked for a raise, and they said what raise, you’re learning a trade, that’s your raise.”

What’s so special about G&M?

“We take care of our customers,” he said.  “I tell them what to buy and how to cook it.”  Asked how he’s changed over the years, Hank has a quick answer.  “I used to eat six pork chops and 12 veal cutlets at one time.  Since I’ve gotten older I’ve cut my meals in half.”