VInsantos Keeps it Real at the French Market


I was walking through the French Market today, saying to my friend, ‘I love the market, but too bad everything in it is made in China.’ Pre-Katrina, there were many local artists who set up shop here, but since the storm, it feels like most vendors are moving imported souvenirs, cheap sunglasses and t-shirts.

Then we met Vinsantos. A San Francisco transplant, musician and performance artist, he moved to New Orleans a year ago intent on joining the city’s art scene.  After setting up shop at the French Market, he moved from the mosaic work he’d been doing on the left coast to something new.



Vinsantos takes vintage jewelry and found objects and turns them into a three dimensional tableau, with whimsical bits of text creating a winsome back story. He also does custom work, and will personalize a piece of art with family keepsakes that tell a more particular story, something he did recently for John Fogarty.  Priced from $40 up, the art evokes a sense of place and mood that is bracingly original.  One place in the New Orleans French Market where what you buy is definitely not made in China.

Just one of the artist's creations